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Underlying causes of gender abuse and discrimination are uprooted and transformed
Change agents establish a solild foundation of human rights as the basic context for addressing gender-based inequalities, discrimination and abuse
Chab Dai Global Learning Community
Change cultural ideas that are harmful to women and girls
Precious Women (Cambodia)
Develop innovative ways to improve the response to sex trafficking, with an emphasis on collaboration and best practices
Combat sex trafficking and other enslaving practices in the U.S.
Combat sex trafficking internationally, with a focus on Cambodia/SE Asia
There is in all things a hidden wholeness.
Thomas Merton
World Relilef (Cambodia)
Women and girls are empowered to develop their full human potential in areas around the world where they have been most oppressed
Kids Alive International
Dominican Republic
Empower girls through education
Provide faith-based leadership development for women
Global Grassroots
Academy for Conscious Change-Uganda
A gender balanced world where males and females are valued equally and live and work side-by-side as fully empowered human beings
Granting Strategy
Transitions Global (Cambodia)
Mother's Heart Cambodia
Provide care and opportunity for orphans
Word Made Flesh (Bolivia)

Mobilize inter-faith networks of peace-builders
There is a shared commitment to human flourishing across religious and secular lines
People of faith work together to promote peace, security, and basic human rights
Enslaving practices of women and girls are eliminated
Increase availablity of maternal health care services
Combat child marriage
Incubate, train and provide financing to local entrepreneurs
World Vision Channels of Hope for Gender
Dominican Sisters of the Presentation  Honduras
Mother's Heart (Cambodia)
Mango Fund (Uganda)
Edify  Liberia