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There is in all things a hidden wholeness.
Thomas Merton

The Imago Dei Fund provides grants and support to a broad range of organizations working to create a more just world. We seek to partner with inspired change-agents working around the world to transform injustice with passion, faith, human solidarity, innovative ideas, effective programming, a collaborative bent, and a shared vision of a better world.

Areas of concentration fall into the following broad categories:


Imago Dei

“Imago Dei,” Latin for “the image of God,” has its roots in Genesis 1:27 where "God created humanity in God's own image” to co-create and work God’s purposes in the world.

The “divine image” can be sensed but not seen on both a personal and a cosmic level.  It is the divine spark, the glory of God, that animates each soul and interconnects all of creation in a hidden wholeness: “And God created the heavens and the earth” as a living, organic whole, all things, seen and unseen, in God.

We live in a broken world.  All is not well.  Yet reflections of God’s image continue to shine through the darkness, in the harmony and beauty of our natural world, and in the passion and goodness of the human heart seeking to light a candle in the darkest of places. 

In every generation, God is at work creating and redeeming all things.  Each of us has our part to play, each soul finding its higher purpose and place in the larger whole. Each person bringing out into the world the unique reflection of God  hidden within his or her heart. 

Co-creating a more free, more just, gender-balanced world

"Keep the Spark Alive" Fund

The Imago Dei Fund is pleased to announce that the "Keep the Spark Alive" Fund will again be offered in 2016. This fund is designed to support our partners' efforts in nurturing the inner lives of their staff.  

Current IDF grantees are eligible to apply for funding above and beyond any grants received designated to the "soul care" of their staff.

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